Global Internship

A World of Choices

IAESTE's Global Internship programme opens up a world of opportunities, providing you with a diverse array of options to choose from throughout the year.

Year-Round Application

You can apply for Global Internships at any time throughout the year, giving you the flexibility to plan your international experience.

Open to All Countries

These internships are accessible to students from all countries, creating a global platform for talent exchange and cultural exploration.

Wide Selection, Global Competition

While the selection of internships is more extensive, it's important to note that there's also increased competition. Students from all corners of the world apply for these internships, making it a truly global endeavour.

Apply for 2 Internships

As part of the Global Internship programme, you have the option to apply for two internships at the same time. Just ensure that the two internships are located in different countries.

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