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Our mission at IAESTE is to strengthen intercultural relations and mutual understanding worldwide by connecting international young talents with local employers. We act regardless of origin, faith, skin color and gender and strive to make our exchange programme accessible to all.

If you would like to contribute to our mission, there are many ways you can support us.

Become a member or Partner of IAESTE

As a non-profit organisation, we could not exist without the support of our members and partners. Learn more about the benefits of our membership and partnerships programmes.

Become an employer

As an IAESTE employer, you allow our exchange programme to exist and grow. IAESTE is based on an exchange concept, by offering an internship with us, you are therefore providing an opportunity not only to 1 but to 2 students.

Become a landlord/lady

We are continuously seeking kind, open-minded landlords/ladies who would be eager to welcome our international students and lease them a room. Write to


Your donation today allows us to grow tomorrow and provide more life-changing experiences to students in Cameroon and abroad.


To volunteer with IAESTE is to become part of the IAESTE Family. You can gain new skills and experiences, make new friends and contribute to something special.

Spread the word

There is no better marketing channel than word-of-mouth. Tell us your IAESTE story and help us spread the word on our exchange programme.


Support us by proudly doting our special apparel or flaunting our great merchandise. Proceeds of each sale goes to support out volunteer activities.

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