How to complete or edit my profile?
  • Log in to the Platform and go to the icon with your name – a menu will appear. Click on My profile.
  • Your profile form should appear:
  • There are also some fields which seem optional (e.g. Supporting Documents, Particular Knowledge), but can be required by your sending IAESTE Committee. Instructions from your IAESTE Committee should be visible on top of this page as shown below. If there are no instructions, please get in touch with them through the Contact button on the homepage.
  • You can either fill only part of the mandatory fields and save it as Draft or you can submit your profile for verification to your committee.
  • You can express your interest either on a particular region or country
Once you submit your profile for verification, your committee can approve you and depending on the committee you may have the chance to create an application to an offer or the committee can assign you to an offer of your preference. You have to check with them the application process.
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