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IAESTE Cameroon is supported by volunteers 

Our volunteers are essential in providing a great experience for our international interns. They support them every step of the way: they contact the interns before their arrival to help them prepare and answer their questions, they help find suitable accommodation so they have somewhere to call home when their internship begins and they welcome the interns once they arrive in Cameroon.

During the year, the Local Committees organize a wide variety of leisure activities such as events, visits or sports activities throughout Cameroon for the international intrens. These events are fantastic opportunities for them to learn more about Cameroonian lifestyle and culture, but are also a chance to meet and make friends from around the world.

In addition to supporting the interns, there is a close cooperation between the Local Committees and the National Office whom they help in promoting IAESTE internship offers and the exchange programme among Cameroonian students. They organize various activities at universities in Cameroon, including informational events, participating in career fairs, as well as conducting workshops and presentations on career-related topics.

Volunteering with an LC gives young people an opportunity to develop an international network while gaining work experience and having fun. There are various roles required in our LCs, such as event coordinator, tutor and treasurer.

Are you interested in meeting students from around the world and helping IAESTE? Write an e-mail to the Local Committee nearest to your university and get in touch with us!

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